Information Display Screens. The pitch: Interactive Information Display Screens on the shop floor can boost sales by providing pre-sale education to prospects when the sales team are busy dealing with other customers. If you want to get imaginative about how your customers might interface with your brand and products on site, you can install an interactive display panel to act as a ‘silent salesman’. With an interactive panel on the

Interactive presentation technology There are a few brands in the market manufacturing great interactive equipment: Some have a few more features than others and some cost more than the others. However, the general set of functions defining them as ‘interactive’ are common to all.   Have a look below at the marketing material we’ve gathered, illustrating some of the features inherent to the category. Please note the functions cited below

NDIS: how carer companies can save money during the coming storm, and get more done! With the impending roll out of the NDIS, (and the sector wide confusion surrounding it), it is suggested that agility in training delivery, the efficient provision of real-time crisis management, and pre-emptive tactical planning communications will furnish significant ‘value-adds’ to service providers in the care sector during the anticipated period of intense competition ensuing. Below

The Pitch: Face-to-face interaction between staff and management is proven to be more effective than other methods. This concept proposal describes a way to increase that interaction across multi-site organisations, but save expenditure on travel. The result being more dynamic management interaction with staff, for less outlay. Therefore: better outcomes for less money. Here is a business case we presented to a multi-site NFP organisation. They liked it. This model

I have some compelling reasoning for you regarding how Interactive Presentation Technology will benefit your school (financially and pedagogically), and why you should consider bringing Interactive Presentation Technology into your classes / lecture theatres. Interactive Presentation Technology = Interactive LCD Panels / whiteboards, Interactive Projectors. 3 Big Claims: 1: It will make teachers happier and better at teaching. 2: It will make students happier and better at learning. 3: It

Introduction: What’s this all about then?: This article sets out to explain why Educators should adopt Integrated Presentation Technology. In this article the phrase ‘Interactive Presentation Technology’ will be used to describe interactive whiteboards, interactive LCD panels, and interactive projectors. The overall thrust of the piece being that modern Interactive Presentation Technology, when combined with the delivery of a good teacher, will aid learning. And that this benefits students, teachers,