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Smart Space Trends

Interactive presentation technology There are a few brands in the market manufacturing great interactive equipment: Some have a

NDIS: how carer companies can save money during the coming storm, and get more done! With the impending

The Pitch: Face-to-face interaction between staff and management is proven to be more effective than other methods. This

I have some compelling reasoning for you regarding how Interactive Presentation Technology will benefit your school (financially and

Introduction: What’s this all about then?: This article sets out to explain why Educators should adopt Integrated Presentation

The new Savant App. After many installation using the 'True Control' App from Savant, we received mixed feedback

New DESIGN Customer proposal The very recent overhaul of our customer proposal has seen the quirkiness and cool

QR CODES [caption id="attachment_3790" align="alignnone" width="300"] 5thCorner QRcode[/caption] It all started in 2002 with the Japanese network carriers

Home Cinema and HiFi - Yearbook 2008 The industry busts a nut for us once again. To read the

Invisible speakers - Stealth Acoustic. 5thCorner's latest addition to the Tech Lounge are the Stealth Acoustic Invisible speakers The

We feature in Intensify yet again! This time Intensify has printed a case study feature - Another corporate environment

5thC takes control of Big Brother 2008! Big Brother 2008: They say all good things come in threes..and

Artcoustic in the spotlight! Artcoustic: Speakers that sound and look great! Check out the Artcoustic speakers in the

Technology Lounge features in Indesign! Want to check out 5thCorner's latest media article in this month's Indesign magazine? click here!  It

See 5thC's popularity intensify! 5thCorner appears in the first issue of 'Intensify' - part of Clipsal's C-Bus pointOne