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Benefits of Smart Home Automation

Benefits of smart home automation

With smart home solutions becoming a mainstream option in homes today, for those who are not yet on ‘team home tech’ there are some fantastic benefits which come with smart home automation.  Solutions range from one simple piece of technology which addresses one component such as security, lighting or music control through to entire fully automated home solutions (which are the ones that we love the most and where our expertise lies!).  Depending on the solution that you choose these are the benefits that you can look forward to enjoying with your new smart home system:


Manage all of your devices from one place

Reduce stress by only having to learn one system to operate multiple devices such as your TV, music system, home alarm and lights.  Get rid of the basket of random remotes and control everything in the same place.


Add in new devices seamlessly

A whole home automation system is super flexible as it allows new technology to be added to an existing system as new devices come onto the market or your needs change.


Increase home security

Incorporate a home security / surveillance system with your smart home system to allow you to monitor your home while away.  With these systems you can perform actions such as setting alarms and adjusting camera angles from your phone or tablet.


Control your home while you are out and about

On those hot days, instead of having air conditioning running all day while you are out or walking home into a sauna, with a smart home system you can turn on your air conditioning from your phone prior to heading home so it’s the perfect temperature.  Check if you have left the lights on at a glance or even get your oven preheating for the evening roast!


Increase energy efficiency and reduce your electricity bill

Smart LED lights can automatically turn off when you leave a room and sensors can alert you when a fridge door is open.  Have electronic blinds open to let the sun in to naturally warm a room and close at night to conserve heat.


Create ease and peace of mind for elderly independent living family members

Voice activated controls and customisable icons allow those with mobility limitations or visually impaired to be able to control far more of their own home environment.


Improve your home valuation

Fully automated homes come with so many benefits which increase comfort, it therefore goes without saying that home valuations go up when a smart home system has been installed.