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We have all been to one of those places, just like the one who should bow their head in shame that we took a cheeky snap of recently (see below this paragraph).  You head to a great drinking establishment and settle in to catch your latest game only to see a screen with ghosts of channel logos or a screen that is completely ruined and an embarrassment to watch simply

With smart home solutions becoming a mainstream option in homes today, for those who are not yet on ‘team home tech’ there are some fantastic benefits which come with smart home automation.  Solutions range from one simple piece of technology which addresses one component such as security, lighting or music control through to entire fully automated home solutions (which are the ones that we love the most and where our

Coomera Anglican College – The Pod & Imaginarium Based on the Northern Gold Coast, Coomera Anglican College provides seamless education from Early Learning and Preparatory through to Year 12. As one of the top private Christian schools in Queensland, the college is on the forefront of innovation and constantly striving to provide the highest level of education through extraordinary uses of technology. With the requirement for a new Learning Centre

Employment – Working with 5thCorner 5thCorner always welcomes employment interest from any enthusiastic, team-oriented individuals who wish to be part of a friendly, cohesive team.  We’re driven by achieving positive client outcomes, incorporating the latest technologies and maintaining our strong brand reputation. 5thCorner is a well-established AV integrator that designs, installs and supports Automation and Audio-Visual solutions for the residential, commercial, education & hospitality markets. Established for over 15 years, we are a local

Apps vs touchscreens Whilst the functional result (in terms of control) might be similar for touchscreens vs apps in many cases, there are plenty of differences otherwise. The most obvious distinguishing aspect being that touchscreens mount to or near the structure under their sphere of influence, whereas Apps can be installed to, on or in any smart device. There are some other differences also, have a look right here at what ElectronicHouse

Modern Collaboration Technology is not just my personal favourite technology……… Once more I’m spreading the word about what’s happening with communications in the commercial space. Elsewhere on this site I’ve drawn from my linguistic training and expounded at great length on how being able to see the person you’re communicating with greatly enhances the communication and aids significantly in information transfer and the transfer of social cues. We’ve also accessed

My current obsession with videoconferencing results from exposure to two factors: In total I’ve spent literally more than a week sat around at Changi airport; on the way to and from PRC for work missions: Not getting any real work done, not making money: Because the cheapest flights were the ones’ that stopped over at Changi. It wasn’t my choice, but then it wasn’t my money either so I can’t

Introduction: Body language is important: Drawing from Linguistics and the Neurosciences this article explains how important it is to the commercial function for body language to be visible during business communications. The more important the meeting, the more important it is for involved parties to see each other. What makes us Human, and what makes an organisation tick?: The human ability to communicate abstract concepts is what separates us from

Introduction: Body language is important: Drawing from Linguistics and the Neurosciences this article will explain how important it is to the commercial function for body language to be visible during business communications. Especially during critical interactions! The more important the meeting, the more important it is for involved parties to see each other. We’ll explain why face-to-face communication is so much more effective than otherwise in promoting the following communicative

WLAN stands for ‘Wireless Local Area Network’. The general definition of which is ‘a wireless computer network that links two of more devices using a wireless communication medium’. Often this is a wireless method (no surprises there) of transmitting data downstream of the ethernet cable in your wall, to the IO devices via which to interface with said data. For example, a computer, or streaming music output. The simplest, and

Why computer playback? Have you found yourself recently purchasing much of your music online in downloadable formats instead of CD or vinyl? Why is this happening? If ones’ listening room front end is a turntable, then ones’ listening options are limited by the vinyl catalogue available. Such is increasingly becoming the case with CD also, as many releases are now occurring only in downloadable format, with no physical media available anywhere.

Wireless automation is a concept gathering plenty of momentum on the scene; wireless automation components are proliferating in DIY stores globally and we see a lot of start-ups promoting wireless lifestyle devises. Were one to believe much of the marketing material circulating right now, one could be forgiven for thinking The World has changed, we have crossed The Rubicon: entering an age where cables are redundant. Whilst this is true

Product training When we specify a package for our clients, our focus is the benefits the client will derive from that package: ‘What will it do that expedites their preferred commercial outcomes?’ if you will. Whilst adhering wherever possible to the axiom ‘K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid’ the sheer volume of functional capacity built into most components means solutions we build for clients tend to be feature rich: Hardly surprising

Information Display Screens. The pitch: Interactive Information Display Screens on the shop floor can boost sales by providing pre-sale education to prospects when the sales team are busy dealing with other customers. If you want to get imaginative about how your customers might interface with your brand and products on site, you can install an interactive display panel to act as a ‘silent salesman’. With an interactive panel on the