Wireless automation is a concept gathering plenty of momentum on the scene; wireless automation components are proliferating in DIY stores globally and we see a lot of start-ups promoting wireless lifestyle devises. Were one to believe much of the marketing material circulating right now, one could be forgiven for thinking The World has changed, we have crossed The Rubicon: entering an age where cables are redundant. Whilst this is true

Interactive presentation technology There are a few brands in the market manufacturing great interactive equipment: Some have a few more features than others and some cost more than the others. However, the general set of functions defining them as ‘interactive’ are common to all.   Have a look below at the marketing material we’ve gathered, illustrating some of the features inherent to the category. Please note the functions cited below

NDIS: how carer companies can save money during the coming storm, and get more done! With the impending roll out of the NDIS, (and the sector wide confusion surrounding it), it is suggested that agility in training delivery, the efficient provision of real-time crisis management, and pre-emptive tactical planning communications will furnish significant ‘value-adds’ to service providers in the care sector during the anticipated period of intense competition ensuing. Below

Effective 1 July 2015, 5thCorner’s standard service rates have been amended as shown below*: General service standard rates**: – $110/hr per technician – $190/hr for 1 technician plus an assistant Plus the following call-out fees***: – Brisbane metro area(<30min) – $90 – Outside metro area(30-90min) – $130 *All service work (unless found to be warrantable work) is charged based on time taken, regardless of outcome, at the rates set out

The new Savant App. After many installation using the ‘True Control’ App from Savant, we received mixed feedback about it.  Some say it’s intuitiveness outweighs its somewhat dated aesthetic, others find the theme a bit last decade… Whatever you thought about it before, if you don’t need the advanced customisation offered by True Control, then the new Savant App has done away with the multicolored icons and menus and made the

New DESIGN Customer proposal The very recent overhaul of our customer proposal has seen the quirkiness and cool factor that everyone loves about us, combined with an easy to navigate electronic interface. It may sound complex, and it is in the amount of information and images available to the user, but this new layout, look and feel means that even the most technologically dumbfounded person can use and read it.

Home Cinema and HiFi – Yearbook 2008 The industry busts a nut for us once again. To read the Home Cinema and HiFi article click here.

Invisible speakers – Stealth Acoustic. 5thCorner’s latest addition to the Tech Lounge are the Stealth Acoustic Invisible speakers The best speakers you’ve never seen! Want to know more? click here to visit the InDesign Live feature page.

5thC takes control of Big Brother 2008! Big Brother 2008: They say all good things come in threes..and they were right! It’s official…We have done the C-Bus lighting system for Big Brother for the 3rd consecutive year!  Damn.. we are good! We take great pride in the fact that we have yet again been asked to participate in the project this year, thanks for the compliment Big Brother! Big Brother

Artcoustic in the spotlight! Artcoustic: Speakers that sound and look great! Check out the Artcoustic speakers in the latest issue of QWeekend…

Technology Lounge features in Indesign! Want to check out 5thCorner’s latest media article in this month’s Indesign magazine? click here!  It features the 5thCorner Technology Lounge as a design project and discusses the concepts behind the design and the vision of the project.

See 5thC’s popularity intensify! 5thCorner appears in the first issue of ‘Intensify’ – part of Clipsal’s C-Bus pointOne program – which aims to showcase Australia’s best of the best in systems integration! Pretty impressive huh? Check it out! click here. “5thCorner created their Technology Lounge to demonstrate these smart home technologies”

5thCorner comes out – Qnews! Another 5thCorner article comes out that is 😉 Check out this months QNews and get your 5thCorner media fix! Click here!

5thCorner has another Affair! Ok, so it’s not what you think…5thCorner was not involved in a Hollywood love-triangle (although i wouldn’t rule that out just yet), but we did appear in Brisbane’s Affair magazine – June/July issue! Click the link to read the article as it appeared in the print magazine recently. It’s a very flattering write-up and shows that our new Technology lounge is still making a great lasting impression

5thCorner’s Weekend! What a great weekend, 5thCorner’s Technology Lounge appears in the Brisbane Courier Mail’s ‘qweekend’ section! Click here to check it out!