Coomera Anglican College – The Pod & Imaginarium Based on the Northern Gold Coast, Coomera Anglican College provides seamless education from Early Learning and Preparatory through to Year 12. As one of the top private Christian schools in Queensland, the college is on the forefront of innovation and constantly striving to provide the highest level of education through extraordinary uses of technology. With the requirement for a new Learning Centre

Product training When we specify a package for our clients, our focus is the benefits the client will derive from that package: ‘What will it do that expedites their preferred commercial outcomes?’ if you will. Whilst adhering wherever possible to the axiom ‘K.I.S.S.: Keep It Simple Stupid’ the sheer volume of functional capacity built into most components means solutions we build for clients tend to be feature rich: Hardly surprising

Interactive presentation technology There are a few brands in the market manufacturing great interactive equipment: Some have a few more features than others and some cost more than the others. However, the general set of functions defining them as ‘interactive’ are common to all.   Have a look below at the marketing material we’ve gathered, illustrating some of the features inherent to the category. Please note the functions cited below

I have some compelling reasoning for you regarding how Interactive Presentation Technology will benefit your school (financially and pedagogically), and why you should consider bringing Interactive Presentation Technology into your classes / lecture theatres. Interactive Presentation Technology = Interactive LCD Panels / whiteboards, Interactive Projectors. 3 Big Claims: 1: It will make teachers happier and better at teaching. 2: It will make students happier and better at learning. 3: It

Introduction: What’s this all about then?: This article sets out to explain why Educators should adopt Integrated Presentation Technology. In this article the phrase ‘Interactive Presentation Technology’ will be used to describe interactive whiteboards, interactive LCD panels, and interactive projectors. The overall thrust of the piece being that modern Interactive Presentation Technology, when combined with the delivery of a good teacher, will aid learning. And that this benefits students, teachers,

Effective 1 July 2015, 5thCorner’s standard service rates have been amended as shown below*: General service standard rates**: – $110/hr per technician – $190/hr for 1 technician plus an assistant Plus the following call-out fees***: – Brisbane metro area(<30min) – $90 – Outside metro area(30-90min) – $130 *All service work (unless found to be warrantable work) is charged based on time taken, regardless of outcome, at the rates set out

New DESIGN Customer proposal The very recent overhaul of our customer proposal has seen the quirkiness and cool factor that everyone loves about us, combined with an easy to navigate electronic interface. It may sound complex, and it is in the amount of information and images available to the user, but this new layout, look and feel means that even the most technologically dumbfounded person can use and read it.

QR CODES It all started in 2002 with the Japanese network carriers (NTT DoCoMo, J-Phone), handset makers (Panasonic, NEC, SHARP), and a number of service companies (Denso, MediaSeek, 3GVision) collaborating to create innovative uses for the new cameras in mobile phones. Their favourite was an idea to turn a camera phone into a barcode scanner, delivering encoded information – including URL’s that could connect direct to the mobile internet. The

We feature in Intensify yet again! This time Intensify has printed a case study feature – Another corporate environment infiltrated with maximum effect. Check out the full article in pdf format click here

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