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Collaboration Trends Expected to Proliferate This Year

Collaboration trends expected to proliferate this year

Modern Collaboration Technology is not just my personal favourite technology………

Once more I’m spreading the word about what’s happening with communications in the commercial space. Elsewhere on this site I’ve drawn from my linguistic training and expounded at great length on how being able to see the person you’re communicating with greatly enhances the communication and aids significantly in information transfer and the transfer of social cues. We’ve also accessed and presented some compelling arguments about how videoconferencing saves money and reduces the carbon footprint of a company. To prove these articles don’t just represent the quixotic obsession of a deranged futurist I’ll post supporting zeitgeist pieces as I come across them: Here’s one: Click here to see what PC say about this.

The Monkey climbed out of the tree,  but it’s still a monkey (or not if you don’t believe in evolution):

Looking at this from either a futurist perspective, or a linguistic perspective, the whole Unified Communications space is really interesting: Within a system where we are always told that things are moving away from their natural state, we are here using communications technology to facilitate pre-technological communications modalities. As such UC exhibits a step towards transparent intermediation of communication, which doesn’t take a great deal of mental gymnastics to regard as an implied disintermediation: Personally, I think that is fun. (Nerdy fun I admit, but what’s wrong with nerdy fun?) It’s a nice example of the post-modern, post-Fordist world acknowledging the efficacy of pre-industrial communication methods, then applying the most modern hive-mind technology to expand their functional range way beyond the natural proxemic boundaries. Cool.

I’m pleased to report this is a topic that’s not going away. As I come across related market information, I’ll blog it.