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5thCorner - Commercial Audiovisual Systems

Infiltrating Commercial and Education Sector environments since 2003: Technology solutions built on sound business fundamentals: 5thCorner is one of Southeast Queensland's most trusted technology integration specialists.


Our client managers and technicians attend regular product training & overview sessions, so they're abreast of the latest technology. This means that when we design your commercial audiovisual system, we have the most up-to-date knowledge available to specify the best-fit products: Putting this together with the latest design software & tools. You bring the vision, we'll make it work.


Financing Options: OPEX for your big spend? We have Finance Packages available at very competitive rates: If your accounts team prefer OPEX to finance your commercial technology bundle, our finance team will slot into the design process and see if we can't provide a good finance package for you. We probably can.


Automation and Audiovisual systems enhance The Modern Condition! But, technology is sometimes daunting and complicated to use. Therefore user-friendliness is front of mind in our designs; we seek out and specify the most intuitive products & controllers available.


Even though we design systems for intuitive use / interfacing, if it doesn't immediately seem so for the client, we're here to help: It's nice to know there is someone available to answer any questions you have, or provide after-sales product training.

 Our commercial audiovisual system designers are fully focused on the benefits you’ll derive from your system: functional benefits and commercial benefits.

Staff / sales training delivery builds  |  commercial audiovisual presentation systems  |  intra / inter-office communication packages  |  commercial security systems  |  reception area ambient lighting and audio  |  information displays  |  large commercial building energy management  |  corporate boardrooms for industry heavyweights  |  interactive educational equipment  |  performance space design  |   public address systems

The world of audiovisual is full of really cool products. Really Cool! Often, however, commercial audiovisual sales teams present quotes based solely on product features, with no consideration for how this technology adds to THE BOTTOM LINE. That’s because they understand tech, but they don’t understand business. We, on the other hand, understand how business works, and we understand that your expenditure demands commercial justification: At 5thCorner we design commercial solutions aiming at positive ROI for our clients.

5thCorner are not just a team of neomaniacal tech-geeks, promoting ‘The Next New-Thing’ because we like new things: our proposals to commerce and the education sector are built with primary consideration being made to solid business fundamentals…………Plus they’re really cool and feature-rich……

Years in operation

Projects Finished

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What we do

In a nutshell (well, several actually...)

Boardrooms , Meeting Rooms, Inter-office communications-and-training-delivery packages……

Applying our combined experience of more than 36 years dealing with the Corporate Sector, 5thCorner works with industry to design the most functional, up-to-date, cost-effective commercial audiovisual technology packages for the following applications:

  • Interactive Presentation / Training Delivery
  • DDA compliant hearing loop systems
  • Boardroom Audio Visual
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Display
  • Video Conferencing
  • Security systems

Australia is really big! If your company has multiple offices across different states, or simply more than one site in one of the bigger states (which is most of them), by keeping abreast of the most recent market developments around Cloud-based video conferencing, we’ve devised a super-functional way to increase staff training / sales meeting output for less than your company is paying now. The same goes for critical face-to-face management and legislative meetings (disciplinary meetings and the like). You’re already doing them but you’re clocking up some serious air-miles and related expenses.

Click here to see the concept proposal that will save you money whilst increasing output.

Education & Training

The team has over 10 years combined experience dealing commercially with the Education Sector. 5thCorner works with Educational Establishments to design the most up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Lesson Delivery –
  • Interactive Lesson Delivery –
  • Stage / Performance Audio Systems –
  • Music Room Audio Systems –
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable) –
  • Information Display –

We’re particularly enamoured of the recently released Interactive Presentation Technology packages we are installing: to the extent that we did some research and wrote a 7000 word paper about how these products can generate positive ROI for the purchaser:

To have a look at the Executive Summary click here.

To read the full version click here.

Hospitality / Venues

We’ve been at it since 2003: Adding that ‘tech something’ to the hospitality experience.

5thCorner works with the hospitality industry to design the most functional, up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Programmable ambiance lighting.
  • Performance area / Dance-floor spotlighting and ambiance
  • Ambiance Audio / Soundscape design
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Display
  • Video Conferencing
  • Security surveillance and recording
  • Interactive presentation solutions


Regardless of the allure inherent to the goods and services on sale within, the retail space should be designed to keep the customer comfortable and positive, so they don’t want to leave (and spend their money elsewhere). This demands environmental control, lighting control, audio ambiance. Add a few interactive product promotion stations / information displays and there you have it: a retail space providing the customer with something they can’t quite identify, but they like it………and they want to stay there…………That’s what your retail space needs. Surveillance and perimeter security help to constrain shrinkage also.

Fortunately these are all things we are well versed in here at 5thCorner. Have you seen our concept showroom? We should be shopfitters really! We can set up your retail space so control of all these features is at the touch of a button: Simplicity managing abundance!

We design the most functional, up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Programmable ambiance lighting.
  • Point of Sale spotlighting and ambiance
  • Ambiance Audio / Soundscape design
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Display
  • Security surveillance and recording
  • Interactive presentation solutions
  • Electronic access control


With combined commercial performance space design experience over 40 years, we’ve picked up enough tricks to deliver top performance at a sensible price. We know that bigger isn’t always better, but not big enough is not big enough. Our job is to steer the client towards the most robust, affordable performance space technology available: Audio and visual.

It takes smarts and experience to get the most out of common use areas (internal and external) for a sensible price. Fortunately we’ve been doing that for a while as well:

We design functional, up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Cinema design
  • Programmable ambiance lighting.
  • Performance area / Dance-floor spotlighting and ambiance
  • Ambiance Audio / Soundscape design
  • Performance audio mixing
  • Stage lighting design
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Display
  • Security surveillance and recording
  • Interactive presentation solutions
  • Therapeutic Space lighting design


This is where we started out: We’ve done loads and loads and loads of really cool automation and AV work in the residential sector. To get a better understanding of what we’ve done, how, and for whom, please click here to visit our residential page.

What Others Have To Say

A few comments and a bit of feedback from some previous clients, suppliers & associates.


Not on message yet? Below are more examples of how we define our value-add...

Designing for the customer, not ourselves: Brand Apartisanship…..

Following detailed consultation & discussion, we make a point of choosing the products & systems that best meet your specifications, your brief, and your budget. A very important aspect of this process being that we select only from a range of products most aptly providing your benefits set, not the products carrying the wholesale incentive sell-through targets that suit us best, or from preferred suppliers offering us the highest rebates.

This ensures a commercial audiovisual system design without bias; as you need, and as you should expect.

With over 12 years operating, 5thCorner stands out as one of Brisbane’s most experienced & trusted integration companies.  We attribute our success to a mix of creative design, a strong company ethic & a customer focussed approach.

Think leftfield | Live win-win | Never stand still


Automation and AV enhance the Business Function: saving you time and money – but what if something crashes? It does happen: Let’s use a faulty TV / Information display as an example: The manufacturer’s warranty requires that the TV be delivered to an authorised repairer. But how do you get it off the wall bracket and into the car to get it to a repairer? Plus, regardless of the hassle factor, where do you find the time? Don’t forget it still needs collecting and re-installation………

To protect you against just such risk, we offer (and strongly advise in favour of) thorough Service Agreements: Our goal is your satisfaction, so we would like to take care of these issues, because we know we can make it easy for you. Though, like all good service, it costs money.

Our Service Agreement is designed to cover all the loopholes associated with faults, repairs and modifications  (and we don’t get cheesed off about doing a service call when we’re not at fault). In fact, it entitles you to support and on-site backup for an agreed time. In the case of faulty product, we will pick-up the product and organise its repair and re-installation. If a product fails outside the manufacturer’s warranty period we will continue to honor our service agreement for the life of the system, however the cost of repairs is up to you.

Your extended service agreement support also entitles you to service calls – at regular intervals after the system installation. These service calls are designed to ensure:

• Your system is functioning correctly
• All software and firmware is up to date
• Equipment settings are still correct
• You receive further  product training if needed (to make sure you are getting the most out of your system)
• You benefit from any small modifications that might improve the system’s functionality

Remember our goal is always your satisfaction.

Kick-ass Demo Lounge

We have the largest, and (we think) coolest display of home automation in SE Qld. It’s a great sales and design tool – to help both you and us figure out what you want in your system. Give us a buzz to schedule a visit, so you can pop around and have a look.

Personalised Proposals

We don’t believe in system proposals that bore (although we’re more than happy to provide the detailed breakdown if that’s what you want): Our usual proposals outline the benefits and the reasons we choose the specific system and components for you personally: presented via an interactive, dynamic format.

More Value

The foundation underpinning all our solutions is customer value: Products and configurations tailored to exactly fulfill the clients’ benefits demand.

Product Choice

We specify what works well; what is easiest for the client to operate. And we’re very picky about the equipment we install: The products we discard are as important as those we recommend: Because we 100% back the products we sell, we only use good ones. For example, brands we regularly specify (such as Integra, Artcoustic, Harman Kardon, or Bowers & Wilkins) aren’t available at your run-of-the mill AV retailer. That’s because the manufacturers care about installation quality, and as such they are very selective about which companies have access to their products.


On top of performance and user-friendliness, your system is designed to harmonise with the visual theme of the installation space: Whether this be invisibly blending with the environment, or featuring as a focal point unto itself.

Our approach

At 5thCorner we’re passionate about, and dedicated to, our output and our customers. We are geared towards not only providing your technical benefits, but also maximising ROI on those benefits. All the work we do in the commercial and education sectors is backed by a strong business case. No staff member ‘just works’ here, we’re problem solvers and proud of it.


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