Infiltrating bars & clubs since 2003, 5thCorner is once of Southeast Queensland's most trusted technology integration specialists.

Enhance your venue with AV technology

We’ve been at it since 2003: Adding that ‘tech something’ to the hospitality experience.  Whether it be an intimate micro-bar, club, restaurant or large hotel & function centre, we can help you design the right system for your venue.

5thCorner works with the hospitality industry to design the most functional, up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Programmable ambiance lighting including scheduling, use-based scenes and user access control.
  • Simplified Touch Control systems
  • Performance area / Dance-floor spotlighting and ambiance
  • Ambiance Audio / Sound reinforcement design
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Displays & Digital Signage
  • Video Conferencing systems
  • Security, surveillance and POS recording
  • Interactive presentation solutions

Venues require a specialised design by consultants with solid experience in hospitality venues, don’t let your interior or fit-out designer decide the types of AV technology for your project; speak with one of our consultants today to get the perfect design for your space, purpose & budget.  We’ll talk you through your venue design, proposed usage, priorities & budget and prepare a detailed proposal and design to help narrow in on the final specification.

A well-designed system pays for itself by increasing customer dwell time, more referrals, reducing losses from skimming & oversupply, and reduced energy consumption of lighting & AV systems with automated control systems.


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