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Hospitality Venues AV & Automation

Elevate Your Hospitality Venue with Audio Visual & Automation

Since 2003, 5thCorner has been enhancing the hospitality experience with cutting-edge AV technology. Whether you run an intimate micro-bar, a vibrant club, a fine dining restaurant, or a sprawling hotel and function centre, we’re here to help you design the perfect AV system for your venue.

Our expertise in the hospitality industry allows us to create functional, up-to-date, and cost-effective technology solutions tailored for your specific needs, including:

Ambience Lighting: Create captivating atmospheres with programmable lighting, user-based scenes, and access control.

User-Friendly Control: Simplify operations with intuitive touch control systems.

Performance Enhancement: Illuminate your performance area and dance floor, setting the perfect ambience.

Soundscapes: Elevate your venue’s audio with immersive ambience audio and sound reinforcement.

Effective Communication: Ensure crystal-clear messaging with fixed and portable PA solutions.

Information & Engagement: Enhance customer engagement with dynamic information displays and digital signage.

Connectivity: Facilitate seamless communication with advanced video conferencing systems.

Security & Surveillance: Protect your venue and streamline operations with state-of-the-art security, surveillance, and POS recording.

Interactive Presentations: Engage your audience with interactive presentation solutions.

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Your venue deserves a specialized AV design crafted by consultants with extensive experience in the hospitality industry. Don’t leave your AV technology choices to chance; consult with our experts today. We’ll work closely with you to understand your venue’s design, intended usage, priorities, and budget, preparing a detailed proposal and design to match your unique requirements.

A well-designed system isn’t just an expense; it’s an investment that boosts customer dwell time, increases referrals, reduces losses, and enhances energy efficiency with automated control systems. Elevate your hospitality venture with 5thCorner’s AV and automation expertise.