Infiltrating retail environments since 2003, 5thCorner is once of Southeast Queensland's most trusted technology integration specialists.

Ambience & security

Regardless of the allure inherent to the goods and services on sale within, the retail space should be designed to keep the customer comfortable and positive, so they don’t want to leave (and spend their money elsewhere). This demands environmental control, lighting control, audio ambiance. Add a few interactive product promotion stations / information display and there you have it: a retail space providing the customer with something they can’t quite identify, but they like it………and they want to stay there…………That’s what your retail space needs. Surveillance and perimeter security help to constrain shrinkage also.

Fortunately these are all things we are well versed in here at 5thCorner. Have you seen our concept showroom? We should be shopfitters really! We can set up your retail space so control of all these features is at the touch of a button: Simplicity managing abundance!

We design the most functional, up-to-date, cost-effective technology packages for the following purposes:

  • Programmable ambiance lighting.
  • Point of Sale spotlighting and ambiance
  • Ambiance Audio / Soundscape design
  • Public Address Solutions (fixed / portable)
  • Information Display
  • Security surveillance and recording
  • Interactive presentation solutions
  • Electronic access control


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