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Colmslie Hotel


Project Information

  • Project Name: Colmslie Hotel & Function Centre
  • Technology: Touchscreen Control, audio-visual, automation, multi-room audio

Colmslie Hotel

Conference Room AV Presentation Systems

This Client runs a cluster of conference rooms for hire. Services on offer in the conference rooms include audio/visual presentation tools with an easy-to-use interface for coupling BYOD to the presentation equipment.

The systems feature ceiling-mounted Epson HD projectors and projection screens that automatically roll away flush with the ceiling when not in use. This is activated via an RTI in-wall controller with one-touch easy to understand icons serving as buttons. To that customers can present directly from their own computer wirelessly, using the Barco Clickshare units connected to a USB or they can use a hard-wired connection to the wall.

Using sliding doors, the conference rooms can be split into two smaller rooms or opened up into one large room. To facilitate this, the projectors can be coupled to simultaneously deliver the same presentation, or be separated so that each room enjoys its own private presentation environment.

Across the two rooms, speakers are divided into four audio output zones controllable from the RTI in-wall controller: Each room has stereo output in the ceiling on either side of the screens, and halfway into the room. As with the projectors, audio zones exist either particular to each room or synchronised to provide the same output in the large room configuration.