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Digital Noticeboard


Project Information

  • Project Name: Private College
  • Technology: Audio-visual, projection, digital signage, custom design

Digital Noticeboard

Digital Signage System: Rear Projected onto Window

The client sought a digital signage platform close to their main entrance. Space management was a big consideration, as was positioning the platform so as to garner maximum visibility for parents and children using the main entrance.

An externally mounted display screen would be vulnerable to the elements and possible vandalism. A display panel mounted inside the window would be invisible on bright days as the image would be obscured by reflection on the outside of the window.

Based on these restrictions it was decided to project directly onto the window from the inside. This required application of a specialised projection film to the inside of the window. Images are fed to the projector by a Brightsign Media Player, the input to which, in this case, is configured by a desktop interface at reception. The projector is an Epson corporate multimedia projector.

As you can see, the photo taken from the inside of the window shows there is no trace of the projection visible internally, but the photos that were taken from outside show how clearly visible the projections are even during an extremely bright day (see my reflection on the window).