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Morning After


Project Information

  • Project Name: Morning After Cafe
  • Technology: Touchscreen control, audio-visual, automation, multi-room audio, security, CCTV

Morning After

Morning After Cafe

This South Brisbane cafe serves great coffee and food in a relaxed atmosphere daily.

A focus was placed on making sure the audio system didn’t end up being the average discount store plastic-sounding speaker affair found in so many other venues.  The final design incorporates a 3-zone system using renowned local speaker brand Acoustic Technologies (AT), found in venues all throughout Brisbane.  The end result is clear, dynamic music, together with automated sound level management to maintain compliance with the building’s noise level code.

Lighting is simplified by the addition of Cbus, allowing one once ambiance control and scheduled setting of scenes.

Additionally, security is enhanced by high-definition cameras & a traditional alarm, together facilitating instant alarm verification by mobile phone access of the surveillance footage.