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Rochedale Estates

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Project Information

  • Project Name: Rochedales Estates
  • Technology: Touchscreen control, audio-visual, home theatre, automation

Rochedale Estates

Residents Lifestyle Centre

The community centre at this residential housing estate was designed with a focus on community fun, fitness, and family entertainment – naturally, a large 20-seat private cinema was key to the design.

A large 120″ screen, top-of-the-line Epson projector, and Sonance in-wall multi-channel speaker system provide the experience of a commercial cinema, but are free to use for the residents of the estate – just bring along your Blu-ray, DVD, or USB drive and touch the easy to use in-wall touch controller to get started.

User experience and reliability of operation were paramount; an RTI in-wall touch screen facilitates exceptional ease of use for even the most tech-averse while keeping settings & adjustments locked away so the system isn’t messed up by accidental fingers!