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Structured Cabling Everyone Agrees It's The Best Option

Structured Cabling: Everyone agrees it’s the best option

Wireless automation is a concept gathering plenty of momentum on the scene; wireless automation components are proliferating in DIY stores globally and we see a lot of start-ups promoting wireless lifestyle devises. Were one to believe much of the marketing material circulating right now, one could be forgiven for thinking The World has changed, we have crossed The Rubicon: entering an age where cables are redundant. Whilst this is true of some components and some stages of the command chain in ‘The Tech House’, as a general statement describing how robust automation and media distribution technology is installed, this notion is accurate in much the same way as the notion that ‘WWI was ‘The War to end all wars’. The reality about ‘wire cutting’, is that The Rubicon is far from being crossed: To correct the popular misconception that home automation technology has matured already to the point of total-wireless-integration, here’s an article published by Electronic Home Magazine that supports, and expands upon our advice promoting the functional benefits of structured cabling in a home automation / home technology system.

It’s well worth reading if you’re considering a home technology installation: the article provides a concise ‘snapshot’ of the market, telling of how far away things still are from 100% wireless integration.