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Information Display Screens As Sales Aids In The Retail Environment

Information Display Screens as sales-aids in the retail environment

Information Display Screens.

The pitch:

Interactive Information Display Screens on the shop floor can boost sales by providing pre-sale education to prospects when the sales team are busy dealing with other customers.

If you want to get imaginative about how your customers might interface with your brand and products on site, you can install an interactive display panel to act as a ‘silent salesman’. With an interactive panel on the sales-floor it’s not difficult to deliver great pre-sale education to the customer: even gamified engagement lures…

The explanation behind The Pitch;

Consider the oft-cited brand engagement cycle of: ‘Awareness =>Knowing =>Liking =>Preference =>Conviction =>Purchase’: The prospect has already become aware of your brand because they are on your sales-floor, but that doesn’t guarantee the sale: particularly when considering ‘high involvement’ purchases: information display screens are a powerful communication interface to lead prospects through ‘Knowing’ to ‘Conviction’. Thus maximising prospect communicative potential whilst they are on the premises: While your sales-staff are busy converting and closing other customers, the panels can act as information conduits leading the prospect towards a ‘Purchase’ decision.

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The high involvement model of consumption cycle cites the following as the process we pass through when we decide to buy something big: ‘Needs Awareness=>Quest for Information=>Evaluation of Alternatives=>Purchase=> Post Purchase Appraisal’. If your staff are dealing with someone else, so that they’re too busy to deal with all prospects on site at one time, shop-floor access to dynamic product information via an interactive digital panel can provide what is needed for the prospect to convert themselves via the phases ‘Quest for Information’ through to ‘Purchase’. The argument can also be made that this sort of interaction on the shop floor, with judicious choice of content, can even guide the prospect to a state of ‘Needs Awareness’; and the cycle begins………..

Bright lights attract things that like bright lights; people tend to like bright lights: a lot of the consumer psychology stuff we talked about in our paper on interactive presentation technology in education (talking about classical conditioning and affective response to the medium either confounding or aiding the message) can be applied to Information Display Screens at retail outlets. In short, if the communicative medium is engaging, the prospect is already engaged with the message. In this case the message about your products or services.


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