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Interactive Presentation Technology Pictures Say More Than Words.....

Interactive presentation technology: Pictures say more than words…..

Interactive presentation technology

There are a few brands in the market manufacturing great interactive equipment: Some have a few more features than others and some cost more than the others. However, the general set of functions defining them as ‘interactive’ are common to all.

1430Wi 02Multi location interactive


Have a look below at the marketing material we’ve gathered, illustrating some of the features inherent to the category. Please note the functions cited below are by no means exhaustive: the tech is happening faster than the associated advertising…….Some of this marketing material is aimed at the Education Sector and some is aimed at the Corporate Sector. It’s worth taking a quick look to see quite how powerful these tools are……………. and this marketing material doesn’t fully illustrate the functional capacity we’ve unlocked when the equipment is combined with the right add-ons.

Click here to read of the possibilities we found for application in the education sector, or click here to see what we devised for the multi-site corporate customer.

Here is a short video from Sharp exhibiting all the features found in their newest Interactive Whiteboard:


Here’s another piece from Sharp explaining some benefits their interactive screens bring to commerce:


This is a shorter film from Hitachi exhibiting their interactive projectors. This clip is aimed at the education sector:


This film demonstrates some Hitachi interactive software. Please note, there are a few other products in the market offering similar functionality also: there is a lot of exciting stuff happening in this space:


Now you’ve seen how this stuff is already being used have a quick look look at some configurations we suggest would seriously add value to what you’re doing now (or planning to do)? Click here for a link to a nice concept proposal combining the power of interactive presentation tools and cloud-based video conferencing. The idea being that staff training and in-depth sales / management meetings can occur between company sites without incurring expense in travel and accommodation: dollars can be saved whilst dollars are being made.

1430Wi 03

If you’re interested in some social science arguments suggesting how Interactive Presentation Technology can improve ROI in the education sector, the executive summary is here, and the full paper is here.


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