Project Description

Our client manages major road infrastructure and understood the need to upgrade their presentation capability in their boardroom. Originally they were using a passive whiteboard and a standard projector with neither interactive capacity nor collaborative ability. After a little consultation they opted for an Epson interactive projector (for an explanation of what interactive projectors do and why they are amazing click here), a visualiser (which is like a digital version of the old OHP), an AMC four input mixer amplifier and speakers, an Agent PTZ camera for use during video conferencing, and a wireless collaboration interface from Kramer. We also installed a new low-glare whiteboard which is more suited to use with an interactive projector.

The interactive projector is a powerful tool. Now this client can save snap shots of their work on the ‘whiteboard’, manipulate and draw over existing graphics, and distribute it all online instantly. As mentioned above, for a full explanation of how interactive projectors work and why they are amazing click here. When not using the control interface on the screen the projector is controlled using a wall mounted control plate.

Using the Kramer ‘Via’ collaboration equipment, up to four different computers (or tablets, smartphones etc.) can simultaneously input to, and be monitored on the main projector screen: Enabling sharing between devices and collaborative interfacing with the front of room projection. Pretty neat!

The PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera is mounted by the side of the whiteboard at the front of the room. This is to facilitate video conferencing: using the supplied remote control, the camera is guided around the room so the person speaking will be centre of frame in the video conference.

The four input audio mixer-amplifier powers audio output for the projector (and as such whatever upstream devices are connected to it) with inputs to spare for microphones also, should the presenter feel the need to use one. Although the sound-system isn’t designed to power a dance party, it adequately fills the room with conference audio whilst suppressing microphone feedback.

Network Operations Boardroom

  • Client

    Road Infrastructure Management

  • Skills

    • Video Conferencing
    • Audiovisual
    • Interactivity
    • Control
    • Wireless presentation