Project Description

The client wanted an interactive LCD panel to serve two functions:

  1. Update their presentation function to include the benefits of an interactive device serving as the primary interface / presentation tool.
  2. Be the central interface in their video conferencing system.

We chose a 70” Sharp Panel: It’s robust and packed full of features. The screen (and the rest of the video conferencing system) is controlled wirelessly from the customers’ tablet. The customer opted for hard-wire coupling to the panel via wall-plate interfaces: when, for example a presenter wishes to connect the panel with an outboard device such as a laptop, they run a cable from the output socket of the computer to an input socket on the wall plate.

The video conferencing hardware sits at the lower end of the spectrum of available configurations both functionally and feature-wise. That notwithstanding though, this still provides ample benefits as an inter-site communication tool. For a more thorough description of how this type of equipment adds value in the corporate space click here.

Boardroom Interactive Whiteboard & Conferencing System

  • Client

    Wellington Capital

  • Skills

    • Video Conferencing
    • Audiovisual
    • Interactive LCD Panel
    • Control