Project Description

The client wanted an eye-catching display in their public foyer that worked with the interior style but wasn’t imposing when not in use, as well a functional boardroom presentation system that was easy enough to use for all staff.

After some creative thinking we came up with the idea to projection map onto select panels of the decorative motif on the glass partitions, each with an independent show reel of past project photography and videos. This gives the illusion of several small independent custom displays adhered to glass, while disappearing as plain white motifs when not in use.

For the boardroom we chose a Panasonic projector and motorised screen for minimal intrusion when not in use. Coupled with in-ceiling speakers and a Crestron Wall-mounted touchscreen for simple one-touch control of the entire presentation system.

Dynamic Projection Mapping Display & Boardroom Presentation System

  • Client

    Tract Consulting

  • Skills

    • Audiovisual
    • Projection-Mapping
    • Control