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5thCorner QRcode

It all started in 2002 with the Japanese network carriers (NTT DoCoMo, J-Phone), handset makers (Panasonic, NEC, SHARP), and a number of service companies (Denso, MediaSeek, 3GVision) collaborating to create innovative uses for the new cameras in mobile phones. Their favourite was an idea to turn a camera phone into a barcode scanner, delivering encoded information – including URL’s that could connect direct to the mobile internet.

The style of barcode that was adopted is called QR (short for Quick Response) and five short years later, QR codes are recognized by over 90% of Japanese mobile users – and used by over 50% of them – for fast and easy access on the move to encoded information or the internet. More people in Japan now surf the web from a mobile phone than from a PC, and QR codes are found everywhere – in advertising and promotional materials, on product packaging and vending machines – to deliver ‘Quick Response’.

Loving to be at the forefront of technology, we have adopted the use of QR Codes in all of our marketing and communication pieces, even turning one of our codes into a street spray stencil. Download the reader for your phone via one of the ways below and start using this amazing technology to grab information, enter competitions and a load more…

Watch out for Qr codes on our next batch of business cards, allowing you to scan our client manager’s contact details right into you smartphone contact book!