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About 5thCorner: Residential Audiovisual & Smart Home Systems

Providing residential solutions since 2003, 5thCorner is one of Southeast Queensland's most trusted home automation & audiovisual technology integration specialists.

Our projects range from modest residential audio systems through to fully integrated smart home systems in award-winning multi-level executive residences for Queensland’s elite. Our creative approach and affinity for challenging automation projects saw us complete the set-lighting on the ‘Big Brother’ TV program for the final six consecutive series; between two television networks.

With applied knowledge across a broad scope of projects, 5thCorner delivers an exceptional result with the experience & support to back it up.

The world of home automation and audiovisual is full of really cool products, the problem is that they’re usually sold by people who dictate a bunch of tech talk to bamboozle you into a purchase. We realise it takes tech-geeks to make it all work but when it comes to your pad, you don’t want them designing your system. We have dedicated system designers that focus on user benefits, not numbers & specs. They’re much more user-friendly – coincidentally, that’s also how your system ends up!

We still have Geeks – but ours are cool – They are part of the 5thCorner Tech Republik after all.

5thCorner Tech Republik stands for more than just technology though; it represents attitude, individuality and the philosophies that 5thCorner is based upon.


Our client managers regularly attend product overview & networking sessions to ensure they know about every option available, so when it comes time to designing your system only the best-fit products are chosen. Together with the latest design software & tools you can be assured of the desired outcome.


Our technicians all undergo regular technical training: institutional & factory-based, to enhance their systems knowledge and to ensure you get the right tech for your project. They all have passion for technology and thrive on problem-solving.

Design Philosphy

We're all about the user experience: Let's face it, automation and AV affects your lifestyle, that's the idea. More specifically, it's supposed to enhance it, but technology can also be daunting and confusing to use. Our systems are designed with user-friendliness in mind, choosing the most intuitive products & controllers available to ensure you love your system.


Even though we design your set-up to make it intuitive to use, sometimes technology can still get the better of us. That's why it nice to know you have someone to answer any questions you have or to go through how to operate that controller another time.


Designing for the customer, not the company.

Following detailed consultation & discussion, we make a point of choosing the products & systems that  best meet your specification, brief & budget.  Most importantly though, that choice is only from a range of products that most suit YOUR needs & desires, not the latest wholesale incentive sell-through targets or from preferential suppliers.

This ensures a Home Automation & Audiovisual system design without bias, exactly as you expect.

With over 12 years in operation, 5thCorner stands out as one of Brisbane’s most experienced & trusted integration companies.  We attribute our success to a mix of creative design, a strong company ethic & a customer focused approach.

Think leftfield | Live win-win | Never stand still


Automation and AV affect your lifestyle or business, that’s the whole idea. More specifically, it’s supposed to enhance it – but what if something simple but untoward happens, as in your TV stops working? The manufacturer’s warranty requires that the TV must be delivered to an authorised repairer. Question is, how do you get it off the wall bracket and into the car then find the time to get it to a repairer? Don’t forget you still have to pick it up and install it again.

Our goal is your satisfaction and we would like to take care of these kinds of issues, because we know we can make it easy for you. Though, like all good service, it costs money.

Our Service Agreement is designed to cover all those loopholes associated with faults, repairs and modifications  (and we don’t get cheesed off about doing a service call when we’re not at fault). In fact, it entitles you to support and on-site backup for an agreed time.  In the case of faulty product, we will pick-up the product and organise its repair and re-installation. If a product fails outside the manufacturer’s warranty period we will continue to honor our service agreement for the life of the system, however the cost of repairs is up to you.

Your extended service agreement support also entitles you to service calls – at regular intervals after the system installation. Our goal is your satisfaction and these service calls are designed to ensure:

• Your system is functioning correctly
• All software and firmware is up to date
• Settings for equipment are still correct
• Further education if needed, to make sure you are getting the most out of your system
• Small modifications occur, that might improve the system’s functionality
for you.

Remember our goal is always your satisfaction.

Personalised Proposals

We don’t believe in a system proposal that bores you with pages of text and uninteresting columns of numbers. We outline the benefits and the reasons why we have chosen the specific system and components for you personally, then present your system in an interactive, dynamic format.

More Value

The underlying foundation underpinning all our solutions is value. Products that offer great benefits for a great price.

Product Choice

What we don’t recommend is equally as important as what we do – We’re picky about the equipment we use and there is always a good reason behind certain products not being recommended. Since we back the products we sell 100%, we only like to use the good ones. Brands such as Integra, Artcoustic, Harman Kardon and Bowers & Wilkins aren’t available at your run-of-the mill, AV retailer. That’s because the manufacturers care about how they are installed and they’re selective about the companies they allow to install.


It’s not just about performance and user-friendliness – We seek aesthetics as well, and our systems always look the part. Whether it be blending into your environment, completely invisible, or as a focal point in your space. We create specific to YOU and your tastes.

Our approach

Where’s our head at? – Well technically speaking, it’s above our neck but enough with the medical jargon. We’re passionate, dedicated, and have attitude (positive of course) towards our work and customers. No staff member ‘just works’ here, they are all focussed on the end result and that’s your big, wide smile! We love mixing business with pleasure. Your pleasure is our business after all.

Become part of the 5thCorner Tech Republik, and learn how to take control of your environment.


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