Lighting Control Systems

Enhance ambience, increase security, improve energy efficiency and add convenience with a lighting control system

Residential Lighting Control SystemsResidential Lighting Control Systems

A well-designed lighting control system provides much more than just elegant switches & smooth dimming – it enhances ambience, increases security, improves energy efficiency & adds convenience.

For example, a single button can recall activity-based scenes designed for entertaining, dining, reading time, or whatever. ‘Welcome home’ or ‘Away’ scenes can be automatically activated using the arming or disarming  of a security system as a trigger, and critical lights can be activated under an intruder or fire alarm.

Adding motion sensors significantly improves energy efficiency by controlling lighting based on actual occupancy.  When combined with intelligent programming, lights can be programmed to different levels depending on time of day or other parameters – for example, a middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom can automatically bring on low-level path and room lighting instead of a blinding light.

A lighting control system is often the basis for much wider level control – often incorporating, blinds, fans, pumps, motorised windows, doors & awnings.


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