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Lighting Control Systems

Elevate Your Home with Residential Lighting Control Systems

Welcome to the future of home lighting. Our residential lighting control systems offer more than just elegant switches and smooth dimming. 

At the touch of a button, custom systems can:

Tailored Scenes for Every Occasion

With our lighting control systems, a single button can transport you to a different mood or activity. Whether you’re entertaining with friends and family, enjoying a cozy dinner, or settling in for some reading time, custom activity-based scenes can transform your environment instantly. In addition, ‘Welcome home’ and ‘Away’ scenes can be seamlessly activated based on your security system’s arming or disarming, ensuring a well-lit welcome or enhanced security when you’re away.

C-bus Lighting control systems: Installation & service Experts

When it comes to lighting control, C-Bus is renowned for innovation and efficiency. Our expert team specializes in C-Bus installation to transform your space into a well-connected and responsive environment. We also offer servicing of existing C-Bus systems, whether the original system was installed by 5thCorner technicians or another integrator.

C-Bus systems offer unparalleled control, allowing you to effortlessly manage your lighting, blinds, security, and other devices through a single, intuitive interface. We provide comprehensive installation services, ensuring that your C-Bus system is seamlessly integrated into your home or business. Our ongoing support ensures that your C-Bus system remains top-notch, delivering optimal performance and convenience.

Residential Lighting Control Systems

Energy Efficiency Meets Intelligent Lighting

Slash electricity bills. Our systems integrate motion sensors that adjust lighting based on actual occupancy, significantly improving energy efficiency. Imagine lights that adapt to the time of day or specific parameters, like providing gentle, low-level path and room lighting during those midnight trips to the bathroom.

The Hub of Comprehensive Control

But it doesn’t stop at lighting. Our lighting control systems often serve as the foundation for broader whole home automation. They seamlessly integrate with blinds, fans, pumps, motorized windows, doors, and awnings, providing you with complete control over your home’s environment.

Are you ready to transform your home with intelligent lighting? Explore our residential lighting control systems and embrace a new level of ambiance, security, and efficiency.