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65 Old Cleveland Rd, Stones Corner Q 4102 1300 584 267 info@5thcorner.com.au

Service Rates

5thCorner Service Rates

Service Rates

Effective 1 July 2022, 5thCorner’s standard service rates have been amended as shown below*:

General service standard rates (inc GST)**:
– $121/hr per technician
– $209/hr for 1 technician plus an assistant

Plus the following call-out fees (inc GST)***:
– Brisbane metro area(<30min) – $99
– Outside metro area(30-90min) – $149

*All service work (unless found to be warrantable work) is charged based on time taken, regardless of outcome, at the rates set out above.

**conditions apply, subject to change without notice.

*** distance based on Google Maps standard travel duration from 5thCorner’s Office.