We have all been to one of those places, just like the one who should bow their head in shame that we took a cheeky snap of recently (see below this paragraph).  You head to a great drinking establishment and settle in to catch your latest game only to see a screen with ghosts of channel logos or a screen that is completely ruined and an embarrassment to watch simply because the wrong product was chosen.


This is the reason why domestic TVs are not the best solution for hospitality venues.

Just think about your standard TV – it’s kept inside and might be on for a few hours in the morning to catch the news before work then maybe a few hours at night for the evening shows.  These standard TVs are not built to be on for over 16 hours straight, day after day and exposed to the elements!

Often in bars or bistros the TV screens are in locations where they are exposed to the elements – they could be almost indoor / outdoor venues such as the one we were at recently.  This means they see direct sunlight on them every afternoon of every day.  The venue may then be open up to 7 days a week with the screens on for the entire opening hours of the venue or even 24hrs!

Sure the standard TV may seem like the less expensive option when first fitting out a venue, but it’s generally not long before these screens are burnt out and prove that they aren’t fit for purpose.  These displays are not warranted for such commercial use, or at best for a few months only. Venue owners then face the decision of whether to leave a damaged screen such as this one in place, which isn’t a great experience for all of their customers; or purchase a new screen all over again, incurring additional costs for reinstallation.

Installing a commercially rated TV from the outset pays off in the end as these screens are made and warranted for extended daily use or even 24/7 operation, some models also cover exposure to the elements and will continue to provide a great experience for customers for many years.

For hospitality venues which require screens to be running for long hours and in any semi-outdoor locations we currently recommend the following screens:

  • Sony Professional series (24/7)
  • BenQ SL or ST ranges (16/7 & 24/7 models)
  • LG Commercial series displays (16/7-24/7 available)

If you’re planning a new fitout, or have an existing venue with displays that are no longer up to the same standard you hold for the rest of your venue, we would love to hear from you to provide an obligation-free assessment of your current technology and provide advice on changes or improvements.

We also offer commercial equipment finance on any new systems or system upgrades, allowing you to bring your venue up to scratch without the burden of a large initial capital outlay.