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Standard Terms & Conditions Of Sale

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Please find below the standard terms & conditions of sale that apply to sales not explicitly subject to the terms of a 5thCorner Quote or Agreement

Fee Structure (without prior alternate arrangement)

  • Payment 1 – Hardware – Prepaid
  • Payment 2 – Labour – 14 days from invoice date.

The Scope

5thCorner agrees to undertake the work as detailed in this document, as requested by the Client. In addition to this itemised list, the initial proposal received ensures that expectations are met and delivered. In order to guarantee a smooth installation the following processes listed below must take place.

Project Schedule

5thCorner needs to be called in at certain stages to complete sections of the installation. This enables work to coincide with the electrician, so as not to disrupt the building process. 3 – 4 weeks notice is required, to enable scheduling for the project.

4-Step System Installation:

1. Pre-wire – Carried out towards the conclusion of the electrician’s pre-wire work, to ensure segregation between power and data/audio cables.
2. Cutout – Areas for recesses and cut-outs for speakers and keypads are made. This occurs after wall lining but before painting.
3. Fit-off of main system components (excluding audio-visual) – This occurs after painting and tiling is completed. (Usually around the time the electrician fits off.)
4. Fit-off of Audio-Visual Equipment – Installed after the handover of property (as AV equipment is generally not covered by builder’s insurance).

Works proceed in alignment with the payment structure

Pre-wire payment (stage 2) is invoiced after the pre-wire stage is complete and payment terms are 7 days after the invoice date. Stage 3 payment however is required 4 weeks prior to fit-off (at the same time the Client calls 5thCorner to schedule fit-off). This provides 5thCorner with sufficient time to overcome manufacturer order delays, and carry out preliminary programming of the Client’s equipment so it is ready for installation. Once 5thCorner has received payment the product will be ordered immediately.

Keep 5thCorner up-to-date with changes

The pricing is based on the plans the Client has submitted to 5thCorner. If the Client makes changes, 5thCorner requires a copy of the up-to-date plans, as the hardware requirements may change to account for this.


5thCorner advises that the Client provides them with the joinery drawings prior to production. This will ensure that the equipment will fit with adequate ventilation. 5thCorner also needs the joinery installed prior to actual installation.


The price for the quote of the system is subject to change after the contract date. 5thCorner may need to revise the system price, as costs may change. 5thCorner will endeavour to notify the Client of any price changes that it is made aware of in advance. 5thCorner will then provide the Client with the option to either accept the new price change, substitute items or pre-purchase them at the contract price, ahead of any price rise.

Estimated Labour

Labour items with “Will be charged based on actual time taken” within the line description signify that the pricing is NOT fixed, but indicative only. Actual labour times will be used in the final calculation of invoices.

Product Changes

During the course of a project, it is likely that some specified products will become superseded or technically less desirable. Where this occurs, substitute products will be chosen at 5thCorner’s discretion to achieve the same functional outcomes.

Client Furnished/Specified Items

5thCorner reserves the right to charge a variation in labour and materials on a time-taken basis to overcome integration or installation challenges on items explicitly specified or supplied by the client.


Payment of any invoice, in part or in full, constitutes acceptance of these terms, the invoice content, the due date & all amounts stated thereon and you hereby waive any & all rights to challenge the invoice on any matter. Otherwise, you must contest our invoice within 14 days from the invoice date or within the terms of the invoice (whichever is longer) or any rights will be automatically waived.  Should you make a claim, we will have no liability to you in respect of such claim unless you commence legal proceedings against us within 3 months of delivery of products or services described by the invoice.

Acceptable Means of Payment

Payment via cheque, cash or money order. Electronic payment types accepted – VISA, MasterCard, American Express & debit cards. Credit card payments will incur a surcharge of 2.0%, Amex 3.5%. Any costs incurred due to uncleared funds will be passed onto the client.

Overdue account policy

All accounts with overdue invoices will be charged a monthly late payment fee equal to 0.75% of the outstanding balance.


GST will be charged on all items sold in accordance with the A.C.C.C. and ATO legislation guidelines. All invoices will show the total GST paid and the total amount due inclusive of GST.


5thCorner shall not be liable for any delay in delivery or failure to deliver reasonably beyond its control.

Site Conditions

5thCorner undertakes and agrees to comply with all standing orders or other regulations, enforced on the site where the work is to be performed. This relates to the safety of persons on the site or the protection against loss or damage from any and all causes, including fire.


Risk in the goods shall pass to the Client at the time of installation or delivery and the Client is therefore responsible for the safekeeping of this equipment from this point.


The Title to the Product supplied shall remain vested in 5thCorner and shall not pass to the Client until the contract price has been paid in full and received by 5thCorner. Until then, 5thCorner shall have authority to retake or otherwise deal with and/or dispose of all or any part of the Product and shall be entitled at any time and without the need to give notice enter upon any property upon which the Product or any part are stored for retrieval.