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Savant Redefines the Control Interface

Savant redefines the control interface

The new Savant App.

After many installation using the ‘True Control’ App from Savant, we received mixed feedback about it.  Some say it’s intuitiveness outweighs its somewhat dated aesthetic, others find the theme a bit last decade…

Whatever you thought about it before, if you don’t need the advanced customisation offered by True Control, then the new Savant App has done away with the multicolored icons and menus and made the control system look like the home it’s controlling – literally!


In place of menus, each room features a large image of that room, along with useful status icons that tell you whats going on in each room – are the lights on, is music playing, whats the room temperature? Clicking these icons instantly takes you to the right page to control that system in that room.

Alternately, a quick tap on the room image brings up the full room control page with an intuitive and slick drop menu at the top-right to access all the control aspects of the room.

A master menu at the top-left gives you access to the room selection page, all your homes services at a glance or most exciting – your personal scenes – allowing each user to create their own personal set of scenes, incorporating anything that is available within their user profile.  The best part is, once you create it, it propagates to all your devices instantly!

There are some catches to the new App – intercom is not yet supported (purported to be coming end of 2015), and some customisations wont appear on this App – but visual & intuitiveness improvements make the switch well worth it to us.