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Why Using Indoor TVs in Outdoor Commercial Settings Is Costly

Why standard televisions used in hospitality cost more in the long run

Why Using Indoor TVs in Outdoor Commercial Settings Is Costly

As a savvy business owner in the hospitality industry, you know the importance of creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment for your patrons. Part of this experience often involves having TVs to entertain your guests, whether for watching sports, news, or other programming. However, using standard indoor televisions in outdoor commercial settings can lead to significant long-term costs and operational headaches.

The Pitfalls of Domestic TVs:

Think about your typical home television. It’s designed for indoor use, operating for a few hours daily to catch up on news or enjoy evening shows. These TVs are not engineered to withstand the demands of commercial use, especially when also exposed to the elements in an outdoor or semi-outdoor setting.

Many bars, bistros, and hospitality venues have outdoor seating areas where TVs are exposed to direct sunlight and varying weather conditions. These screens are often required to operate for extended hours, sometimes 24/7, to accommodate diverse schedules. Standard TVs simply aren’t up to this task.

The High Cost of Cutting Corners:

While it might seem cost-effective to choose standard indoor TVs initially, it doesn’t take long for them to prove unsuitable for commercial use. These displays are not warranted for continuous operation or outdoor exposure, and their lifespan are typically measured in months rather than years.

Venue owners who opt for indoor TVs soon face a dilemma: either leave damaged screens in place, providing a subpar experience for customers, or invest in new screens and incur additional costs for installation. Neither situation are ideal.

Damaged domestic TV in hospitality venue when commercial TV was better option
Wall of hospitality venue with screen burn on domestic TV from constant outdoor use

Invest Wisely with Commercial-Grade TVs:

The key to long-term success lies in choosing the right equipment from the beginning. Investing in commercially rated TVs pays off in the end. These screens are purpose-built and warranted for extended daily use or even continuous operation. Some models are also designed to withstand exposure to the elements, ensuring they continue to provide an excellent experience for your customers for years to come.

Recommended Commercial-Grade TV Brands:

For hospitality venues that require screens to run for long hours and in semi-outdoor locations, we recommend considering the following reliable options:

Sony Professional Series (24/7): These screens are built to handle continuous operation.

BenQ SL or ST Ranges (16/7 & 24/7 Models): Offering a range of models suitable for various usage scenarios.

LG Commercial Series Displays (16/7-24/7 Available): Known for their durability and performance.

Take Action Today:

If you’re planning a new fit-out or have existing displays that no longer meet your venue’s standards, we’re here to help. Contact us for an obligation-free assessment of your current technology and expert advice on changes or improvements.

Additionally, we offer commercial equipment finance options for new systems or upgrades. This way, you can bring your venue up to par without the burden of a large initial capital outlay.

Don’t let subpar TVs put a damper on your patrons’ experience or your budget. Upgrade to commercial-grade displays today, and ensure your hospitality venue shines.

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